What Rich Ethics Are You Passing On

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

“What you do not work for, you do not fight for. What you do not fight for does not stand. What does not stand does not outlive you.”

Frederick Osei-Manu

It takes a real man and a woman to go to the fields to work. Work demands effort, sacrifice, sweat and pain at times. People go out there to make a living. Walk into the street and the gates of the cities and you will see how people strive to gain something that will move their lives and family a step forward in life.

In these places, the gain they make could be money, relationship and what have you. Some work their hearts and hands to establish some credibility for their business and institution. It is a hard fact that after having done all these for years, their hard labour does not remain because the next of kin squanders their gains. The man who works values the pesewa, penny and cent in his hands. The one who works not for the pesewa, penny and cent might not value the currency bill in his or her hands.

In this life, I have heard and read reports of wealthy parents who passed on their great empires and huge treasures to their children just to see it vanish into thin air. Note that their children never fought for what their parents had; so they allowed it to go cheaply. A working spirit is a fighting spirit. One with a fighting spirit can stand in the midst of thick and thin. Wherever you are in life, do things that will outlive you. Let your legacy and memory outlive you.

An Excerpt From The Book Titled “The Life Coach Next Door”


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