Why Hard Work Takes People To The Top

“Work in the sun, work in the rain. Work even when nobody is around to urge you on. Work when people are around. Work even when it is dark. Not long from now, the world will be knocking at your door just to gain the attention of the man you have become.”

Frederick Osei-Manu

Hard work is an honest occupation. Therefore, put in the hours into your work and you will laugh and smile when the yield is due. Work your hands and heart out till the things you are looking for manifest. Make each day count.

There is nothing that pays like effort. The only way people will know you are around is by your love and hard work, so work hard and when you think you have given your all, put in one more effort before you rest.

For the many times I have journeyed under the London Underground, what comes to mind is hard work on the part of those who built it. If life is all about pleasure, fun and good time then we have missed an essential part of life which is hard work.

It is hard work that puts food on our table, roof over our heads and money in our hands for us to be able to do the things we wish to carry out. To those who think hard work is irrelevant, try laziness. Laziness to the bones makes people mentally and financially weak.

A people or a person who loves work is a thousand times stronger than the one who always seeks the comfort of his or her bed. There is more time to sleep in death; now that we have life let us work. I must advice you wisely before you make hard work your everything. Work hard and learn to rest your body when need be so you do not end up getting yourself burnt out.

Find ways to make you work smarter and more efficient. Find an angle in your business that can help you improve massively. For example, anytime I see somebody break his or her back because of a load, I get disturbed. There are levers, devices, machines, tools that can make one work more effectively and efficiently.

Ten Things Hard Work Should Do For You

  1. Hard work should get you somewhere.
  2. Real hard work should take you from the base of the mountain to the top of it.
  3. Real hard work should make you feel worked out in one or more of these ways – spiritual, mental, physical, emotional and even financial. You feel refined and better than you were before.
  4. Hard work should create meaning and fulfilment for you.
  5. Hard work should create an uncommon future for you.
  6. Your hard work should touch lives.
  7. Hard work must set you on the road to success.
  8. Your hard work must enrich the business community and also must create room for referrals for you.
  9. Your hard work should make you and those around you happy.
  10. Your hard work needs to payoff – earnings, wealth, riches, money and abundance.

There is more in you than what meets the eye. The best of you is yet to be seen and this will require hard work on your part.

An Excerpt From The Book Titled “The Road Less Travelled.”


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