The Latest Book By Frederick Osei-Manu


You Will Discover – How your vision is an integral part of your prosperity – The Places where you can find money any day, anytime – The deceptions about riches – Why certain group of people remain poor ¬ How to get out of the debt cycle – The state of today’s world economy – The secrets of becoming a business leader -How to establish systems and how to draw benefits from it – How to make significant contributions to coming generations -The Mystery of Tithing Money has played a vital role in the economies of nations. There exist rich and poor nations. In the same vein, there are rich and poor individuals. Those who have found the secrets of making money and have it working for them are always found at the top ladder of society. “Money In Your Hands, The World At Your Feet” seeks to bring these secrets about money to you, knowing that it will help you to fulfill your destiny.

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