Living Without Regrets

Photo by krystian krzewinski on Unsplash

“Your private life is like a public newsletter read by all men.”

Frederick Osei-Manu

Some people are of the opinion that what they do in private has no bearing on where they are going in the future. They, therefore, can afford to live anyhow. They say, “after all, I own my life.” For your information, we don’t own our lives; we are just custodians of this gift called life.

Do not fool yourself — what you do in your closet will definitely come out in broad daylight. There is a fine line between one’s private life and public life. What we do in both worlds spill into the other directly or indirectly. Newsletters generally comprise columns, articles, stories and news for people to read; so is our life viewed. People can read into our beliefs and behaviours any day, anytime.

There is a Ghanaian adage that says, “you may be asleep in your home but your feet may still be on the street.” The wisdom in this saying suggests that what you do outside your home should speak well of you so that when you are asleep, you can truly sleep in peace. On the contrary, nasty behaviour can mar all the good deeds ever done. You may portray that all is well with a facelift but those who really know you can attest that it is just a facade.

My advice to you is that you should not pretend; just be yourself. What is the fragrance that exudes from our daily living? Is the smell thereof pleasant, sweet or nasty? The choice is in your hands.

An Excerpt From The Book Titled The Life Coach Next Door.”

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